Friday, March 16, 2012

A Short 12-Day Contest

Piece it Together
a Short 12-day Contest

Okay, something fun and different.  It’s a contest with free books as prizes! (Not the books listed. These are some of my faves and I’m not parting with them. ha ha)

Rules:  Just match the letters in the column on the right to the numbers in the column on the left. You must leave your answers as a comment on this blog. The person(s) with the most correct matches wins. Start thinking (or researching) now.

Contest opens Mon, March 19th and ends at midnight, Fri, Mar 30th.
Winners announced on March 31st!

1. The Scarlet Letter                     A. Four generations of women from Louisiana.
    by Nathaniel Hawthorne                   
2. Day out of Days                        B. This author also wrote “Angela’s Ashes."
    by Sam Shepard                             

3. The Outsiders                           C. Where Big Sam is the plantation foreman.
    by S.E. Hinton                                  

4. Pictures at a Revolution            D. An in depth look into the life of a rebel from Indiana.
    by Mark Harris

5. Teacher Man                            E. A family of men named Adam, Cal, and Aaron.
     by Frank McCourt                          

6. Slingblade, a Screenplay          F. The main character is Ponyboy Curtis.
    by Billy Bob Thornton

7. East of Eden                            G. A detailed comparison of five films.
    by John Steinbeck                           

8. Cane River                               H. Hester Prynne defies Colonial America.
     by Lalita Tademy

9. Gone With the Wind                 I. Carl kills Doyle to protect Frank.
     by Margaret Mitchell

10. James Dean, a biography       J. A collection of short stories and poetry.
      by Val Holley

Thanks in advance for playing!


  1. Just saw this! Neat Idea. ok, my answers are:
    #1 the scarlet letter ans: Letter H
    #2 day out of days ans: Letter J
    #3 The Outsider ans: Letter F
    #4 Pics of a Revolution ans: Letter G
    #5 Teacher Man ans: Letter B
    #6 Slingblade ans: Letter I
    #7 East of Eden ans: Letter E
    #8 Cane River ans: Letter A
    #9 Gn/w/the wind ans: Letter C
    #10James Dean bio ans: Letter D

    1. Thanks, G! You got them all RIGHT! Thanks for the email at work yesterday. This was fun. Yes, I'll do another some other time, though.