Friday, April 20, 2012

Since No One Wants to Play...

For ten days I've been waiting and hoping someone, anyone, would at least leave a comment on my previous post.  I guess in my way of challenging, I've made it too hard. So, here is a list of authors which corresponds to the titles in the previous post:

1. Curt Iles
2. DiAnn Mills
3. Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan
4. Nicholas Sparks
5. M.R. Alienroc
6. Rodney Hennigan
7. Jonna Turner
8. Colleen O'Brien Arthur
9. DiAnn Mills
10. Noah Lukeman

Ok, now that you have the authors, am I still the smelly kid no one wants to play with? Now, you only have ten more days to play.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Who Did It or Wrote It?

Here’s my second attempt at hosting a contest. You’ll notice I did not list the authors to make it a tad bit more challenging. Plus, if you know the authors you may get a few correct right off the bat! Forgive the format. Copying and pasting doesn't work that well. 

Rules:  Just match the letters in the column on the right to the numbers in the column on the left. You must leave your answers as a comment on this blog. Facebook answers will not count. The person(s) with the most correct matches wins.   

Contest opens April 10th and ends at midnight April 30th.
Winners announced on May 1st!

1.  A Good Place                                  A. This Westlake, Louisiana writer has 7 sons.

2.  The Fire in Ember                          B. This author spelled her real name backward.

3.  Escape from Andersonville           C. A mystery whose heroine is Jeagan Christensen.

4.  Nights in Rodanthe                        D. Thought of as a boy, the main character is actually a girl!

5.  The White Castle of Louisiana     E. A follow-up book which goes with one on the list.

6.  My Father’s Gift                             F. The author of this book is also a literary agent.

7.  The Desk                                          G. Strangers try to figure out their lives.

8.  Louisiana Called My Name         H. One of the co-writers is known from the big screen.

9.  A Woman Called Sage                   I. A story told by Mayo Moore.

10.  The Plot Thickens                        J. Short stories about a woman’s life and loves.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April is National Poetry Month

To celebrate National Poetry Month, I'm posting one of mine with one of my photos.

A Building in New Orleans
by Sherry Perkins

Don’t stop loving me because I don’t look like I once did.
Walls jaded
Bricks faded
Paint peeling
Wind reeling

If you come in, I’ll show you who I was.

If you let me, I can be again.

If I scare you, I’m sorry.
Spider webs
Broken glass
Missing pieces

Don’t give up on me.
Don’t let me die.
I want to live.
I want to live, again.