Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Reflection of Myself

Hello!  It's been a while and I apologize.  Although writing still consumes me, three months is a long time to disregard my blog.  So, here is a piece.

I said to my peers at work the other day in regards to writing, "Y'all have children.  You already have left something behind.  I don't have kids.  Writing is my way of leaving something behind."  I don't think my words sank in because the looks on their faces reflected they had forgotten what their lives were like without children.

But, it's true.  I want to leave words behind.  Words are just as tangible as a house, a picture album, or family home videos.  My words are my family.  I mold and cultivate my pieces to what I want them to be, just as parents do to their children.  I'm sure all writers do the same.  Don't they?  However, those of us with no offspring offer a different beauty, a different addition to this big world.

We offer feelings, confusions, doubts, ideas, and emotions all intertwined with a hope others see us just as we see the reflection of parents in their children.  My words are indeed my children, and I hope you can see me reflected in them!

*Random thought - In addition to your children, what else are you contributing to the world?