Thursday, December 29, 2011


     Reflexology, it’s a word not given credit by lots of folks.  Coo-coos, quacks, witch doctors, wanna-be doctors, and many more phrases attribute to any practice of holistic healing.  This is too bad, because the one and only experience I recently had, and hope to repeat soon, defied all of the above.
     As a new soldier, at my first duty station only about a year, I was involved in an accident with my feet.  I won’t get into the details, but it was bad. Since then, my feet have given me problems.  Problems that will probably lead to arthritis when I’m older.  I hope not though.
     After seeing a couple of podiatrists, and having different arch supports fitted to my feet, nothing worked.  All the inserts I tried were ineffective.  Even soaking my feet in those massaging and bubbling “foot tubs” you can buy anywhere was a waste of money.  Different shoes had no effect either.  So, I just learned to deal with the constant ache when I walked too much or stood too long.  I guess that’s what most people do with a chronic condition; we just learn to live with it when we can find no relief.
     Almost three years ago, I met a reflexologist.  As the Beauregard Parish Transportation Secretary, I am in daily contact with school bus drivers.  One day, a driver came in and our conversation turned to aching feet.  My ears pricked up as she explained she practiced reflexology.  She talked.  I listened.  After all, what would it hurt since nothing else brought me relief, I thought.  Months passed, as I kept wanting to visit Ms. Sue but everything seemed to keep getting in the way.  Last month, I finally went to see her.  Ironically, it was on Veterans’ Day.
     She had a little room set up in her house with dim lighting, soft music, a neck pillow, a fleece blanket, and a chair which reclined all the way back.  As soon as my feet were in the air, Ms. Sue removed my shoes and socks and started her magic. 
     Quickly she explained her feelings.  “God has given me a gift,” she said.  I believed her as I felt more than just tingling in her touch.  We talked as she worked on my feet.  Yes, it hurt, at first.  I told her how I wished I could relax, but nobody had ever pressed so hard on certain places.  It was hard for me to relax through the pressure she was applying.  She understood exactly what I was saying and said, “When I get through, it won’t hurt anymore.”  She was right.
     She devoted more than a half hour to my sore, tired, worn out feet.  Then, she told me to place my feet in a foot massager.  Yet, this was no ordinary massager.  The machine went all the way up to my knees.  It kneaded my calf and chin muscles, squeezed my feet back and forth, as tiny balls rolled under my feet simultaneously.  She left me to the machine, and exited for a little while.  I almost fell asleep. 
     When I got up, put my shoes and socks on, my entire body was tingling.  In my entire 41 years on this planet, my feet never felt so good, so relaxed, or so alive.  I said, “I feel like I’m walking on clouds.”  She smiled, nodded, and said, “I know, your facial expression says it all.”
     Now, I’m not a doctor, neither is Ms. Sue, but I will tell you I cannot wait to go back.  Proudly, I recommend for anyone to try this experience one time.  If you are a skeptic or a believer, please don’t continue to go through pain.  Another humbling aspect about Ms. Sue is that she doesn’t expect payment.  If you can pay, she’ll take it.  However, if you can’t, she will still beg you to come.  She said, “Some of my clients pay me in a baked cake, or they bring me eggs.” 
     Like in life, when all else fails, then we turn to Jesus.  Well, I’m here to encourage you when all else fails, try reflexology.  Mrs. Sue Granger at Longville only works on personal referrals.  She doesn’t advertise except for the few business cards she gave me.  If you want her number, let me know!
     I truly believe she has been given a gift from God, since her soul purpose is to help.   “It’s not about the money,” she said.  Why are we so skeptical when it comes to believing in miracles?  They happen to us all the time, but we just don’t see them.  We’re too busy, we’re too broke, we’re too this or too that.  I saw it, and I felt it that day.  Through the power of Jesus, I do believe Ms. Sue performed a miracle on my feet.  A miracle I want you to receive as well.  A miracle I can’t wait to experience again.