Friday, April 20, 2012

Since No One Wants to Play...

For ten days I've been waiting and hoping someone, anyone, would at least leave a comment on my previous post.  I guess in my way of challenging, I've made it too hard. So, here is a list of authors which corresponds to the titles in the previous post:

1. Curt Iles
2. DiAnn Mills
3. Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan
4. Nicholas Sparks
5. M.R. Alienroc
6. Rodney Hennigan
7. Jonna Turner
8. Colleen O'Brien Arthur
9. DiAnn Mills
10. Noah Lukeman

Ok, now that you have the authors, am I still the smelly kid no one wants to play with? Now, you only have ten more days to play.

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