Sunday, August 19, 2012

You're Invited

In less than 90 days, the group I belong to - Bayou Writers' Group - will host its annual writing conference. If you've never attended a writing conference, I'd like to invite you to 'A Bridge to Publication' on Sat, Nov 10th, 2012 in Lake Charles. Topics to be discussed include poetry, folk telling, fiction, and presentations by a literary agent and editor. Please visit our website at for registration details.

Everyone is working hard to bring you a wonderful experience. Even if you've never had anything published, you will learn how at our conference. You'll network and meet people. You'll have a chance to buy books, and we even serve lunch on site. It's scheduled from 8:00 am to around 5:00 pm. We even have a free one-page writing contest throughout the day. Check out the website for details about the On The Wall/Best First Page Contest!

So, get ready to have a blast! Don't wait to the last minute, since you can save money by registering early. See one of our ads in every Thursday's Lake Charles American Press Scene Section. More ads will be appearing soon in other publications, but stay updated by visiting our website.

I hope to see you there. The above picture was taken at the Gay Pride Parade of 2011 in New York City. Mama and I were there that day and got caught up in the festivities, but hey that's another story. Just as you never know what you will see in NYC, you never what you can learn at a writing conference. On the same trip, we attended Tony Kushner's play "The Illusion" where we met husband and wife David Margulies and Lois Smith who were cast members. Very sweet people, and Lois Smith appeared with James Dean in East of Eden!

You never know what you'll experience either in New York City or at a writing conference!


  1. Hi Sherry
    It'll be here before we know it. I'm really looking forward to this year's conference.

    1. Me too! Hope our early advertising works, if not lesson learned.