Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Bookshelf

You can learn a lot from a person’s bookshelf. I just took an inventory of my books and found my interests are widespread. I love nonfiction, fiction, romance, memoirs, poetry, informational, history, and even the classics. Here is my inventory in random order (I’m not so geeky that I categorize my books yet – but I’m afraid that day is coming.)

Nonfiction about:
Larry Bird
Gene Simmons of KISS
Princess Diana (4 books)
James Dean (3 books)
The Indonesian Tsunami by Curt Iles

Fiction by:
Billy Bob Thornton
Curt Iles
DiAnn Mills
Sue Monk Kidd
Susan Hinton
Anne Rice
James Lee Burke
Stephen King

Cane River by Lalita Tademy
Anderson Prison by Gene Hackman & Daniel Lenihan
The History of Oberlin by Pat Marcantel
A book about Harriett Tubman
A book about growing up on a Louisiana plantation where the female author disguised her name by spelling it backwards.
A book about Louisiana Capitols

Pictures at a Revolution by Mark Harris

Memoirs by:
Colleen Arthur
Rodney Hennigan
Frank McCourt

Rachel Windham

Short Stories and Poetry by:
Sam Shepard
Viggo Mortensen

Classics by:
John Steinbeck
Margaret Mitchell
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Louisa May Alcott

Finally, there are two books I wouldn’t part with for a million dollars, literally. But if someone were to offer, I might just think about it. Nah, because both of them are over 100 years old. I’m such an antiquarian. Believe it or not I found these at garage sales:

a 1904 edition (the original printing was 1891) of Literary Masterpieces, and
an 1899 copy of The Rover Boys on the Ocean by Arthur Winfield

I’m so lucky to be a reader. What does your bookshelf look like?


  1. I've got you beat, Sherry. 1800 and counting. Needless to say, I have more than one bookshelf. You might want to check out It's free for up to 250 (I think) books. If you've got more there's a one time fee of $25.00 for unlimited.

  2. Are these hardback books at or digital? Cause I don't have an e-reader, and don't think I want one. Thanks for the tip.