Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Heroes: Heathcliff, Rhett Butler, and Edward Rochester

     I'm such a homebody, typing away on a Saturday night. Woo - hoo! What an exciting life I lead. Just a few minutes ago, as my husband flipped through the channels sighing "there's nothing on," I saw something I wanted to watch: the original Wuthering Heights from 1939 (adopted from the novel by Emily Bronte). I love the remake with Ralph Fiennes so much that I vow to see the original one day. Well, today isn't that day. After stalling for a few minutes on the black and white version, I told him he could turn it once I saw the bored look on his face. But, seeing just a few scenes reminded me of an old classic I DID watch the other day, Jane Eyre. This one is by Emily's sister Charlotte.
     I've always wondered what the big deal about Jane Eyre was. I don't wonder anymore. The romance is so nail biting that the hour and a half of the movie felt like days. (This is the 1944 version with Orson Welles as Edward Rochester and Joan Fontaine as Jane Eyre.) Oh, I wanted to be Jane Erye as soon as she walked into Thornfield. I'm not sure what it is about classic movies when men were honorable and chivalrous and women were feminine and demure, but I could watch these old classics all day and night. To watch as both Edward and Jane were secretly attracted to each other, but neither had the nerve to show it, is right up the romance meter with Scarlett and Rhett. Where are guys like Rhett Butler and Edward Rochester now-a-days? And Healthcliff for that matter?
     And, if you look closely in Jane Eyre, you can even see a very young Elizabeth Taylor as Helen. After seeing this classic, I now understand the big deal, why it's a classic. The Bronte sisters had it going on in the 1800s and in my opinion, they still do. Wonder what classic I'll get to watch next?
     If anyone reads this post, give me some good classics, romance not action. Still haven't seen Casablanca. I hear it's good though.

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